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NSFW - New Images and Poster for Geoff Klein's PINUP DOLLS ON ICE

Warning: These images are not safe for work. Below is a few plot details, images and a new "retro" poster for PDOI. Check it out.

"Some girls are better served cold!

The Pinup Dolls are a hot retro act who put the tease back in striptease. But when an old friend (Suzi Lorraine) hires them to put on a show at a secluded campground, the girls find themselves being stalked by a homicidal maniac with a ck obseson with ice.

As they’re hunted one-by-one, they soon realize they’ll have to rely on more than just their looks to survive this nightmare named Moe."

The sequel to “Bikini Girls on Ice” promises more blood, more boobs, and tons more gore!

The film stars Suzi Lorraine and a host of other bountiful scream queens. No trailer yet, but we’ll post it as soon as it arrives.

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Shakelford, J. Rusty Tuesday 11/15/2011 at 11:45 PM | 87042
Had no idea there was a Bikini Girls On Ice, are these straight to DVD? Where can I see these films at?
Sephit Wednesday 11/16/2011 at 09:33 AM | 87075