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First Photo From Rob Zombie's "Movie Within A Movie" Frankenstein Vs The Witchfinder!

With The Lords Of Salem rapping up production in Salem,we got our first glance at what Rob Zombie is doing now.A couple weeks back we were told of a movie set inde TLOS,that movie being Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder.Now we have confirmation that Rob is working on that through a new photo that he released from his Facebook.

Rob stated "HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the set of FRANKENSTEIN VERSUS THE WITCHFINDER! Even on a holiday witches never rest.".In the photo we see Rob with actors Clint Howard and Udo Kier.Also featured in the mini-movie is Daniel Roebuck and Camille Keaton.

Keep checking for more news on this and The Lords Of Salem!
zombie10 Friday 11/25/2011 at 03:46 PM | 87492