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Exclusive Interview: Ivan Djurovic Talks 'ColdWater', What Scares him, and His Future!

Whether Ivan Djurovic is a name you know well or not, he’s a character; a damn nice guy, and he’s got an awe inspiring skillset and a future that many blossoming talents would slaughter a newborn puppy to possess (yeah, that’s cold, but this guys the real deal!). Toss in a mug that’s likely to make the ladies swoon (I won’t be pointing this interview out to my wife due to the images included ) and you’ve got to wonder: where does the promise begin, and the ceiling end? I suppose only time can answer these questions rightfully, but for the time being, Ivan himself is dishing on the present, as well as the future, and what he hopes it may hold.

Matt Molgaard/Horrorbid: I know you’re a multi-faceted individual. You seem well versed in acting, voiceover work, FX work; you name it, it seems you do it. Having already worked so many angles in the buness, can you clearly pinpoint a favorite job?

Ivan Djurovic: First and foremost I’d like to thank you for this interview.

That’s an easy answer, my main pason and love is in acting.

I’ve always had many profesons and hobbies, however I try to put my focus on my acting career.

It has proven helpful to have many coals in the same fire.

It all started in either grade when I got the lead in the school play.

It was like someone had given me a drug for the first time and I was hooked for life.

That night after our first performance I went home and told my parents I would be finishing school early and moving to Hollywood to pursue my dream.

The thing I really love about acting is the ability to portray so many characters and pretty much be someone else for a little while.

It’s like this project I will be living a Marines life but next project I’ll be playing a drop out stoner, they both have their challenges.

Most rewarding is when you get to speak to someone from the audience or someone who has seen something you were in and hear what they liked or disliked bout your role and how you decided to portray that character.

People want to watch a movie to get away to a different place in there mind, as an actor you control their emotions and what there experience will ultimately end up being.

HB: I know that you’re working on the script for ColdWater. Is this your first major writing asgnment?

ID: This is actually my first writing asgnment!

It’s really wonderful the new creative outlets this project has opened up for me.

Never really thought or I should say knew that I could get such creative fulfillment in the writing process, I have really learned to appreciate and love the writing and even producing aspect of the film making process.

So much so that I plan on continuing it and maybe in the future some directing as well.

Part of what was rewarding to myself but I think even for everyone as well is that we tried to keep the project a full collaboration so if anyone had any suggestions we tried to really take it in and see if it could work keeping the script loose in that aspect…sometimes making it even better than what we originally had.

The writing also was great for Dave and I condering we really just met on a show called “Lost Tapes” shortly before we started working on ColdWater, it gave us a chance to really creatively collaborate and see what direction we both wanted to take the movie.

Another benefit to the movie was he is from the Horror de and I was only now being introduced to it and the large difference in our views played to our advantage.

To me if you’re a creative person you really have endless job opportunities within your field.

Fortunately it’s ultimately your own decion whether you choose to pursue it or not.

HB: You’ll also be starring in the picture if I’m correct. What capacity will your character have, can we expect to see you as a lead in the film, or will you be tackling a supporting role?

ID: Given the type of film ColdWater is and the way that we made it, playing the lead really helped us out.

Having wrote the character and developed him inde and out made it a lot eaer for me to get into the role on a whole different level which really was essential condering most of the movie is Andre by himself.

At first when we started working on the picture I actually questioned whether I should even act in the picture or just work solely behind the scenes but it was really Dave who kind of put things in perspective and said it had to be me and always was going to be me.

It’s funny to say now but I guess it was more myself not wanting to assume that just because we were making the film I would automatically get the lead role.

Everyone has a role that they believe really took them to the next level in there career and I definitely feel that way with this one.

Totally honored to play Andre and thankful for the challenges that came my way for they helped me learn and progress.

HB: I know the details of ColdWater have been kept under wraps pretty well. What can you tell us about the film? (Don’t be bashful, we’re damn curious!)

ID: Yes we have done a pretty good job of keeping things quiet didn’t we… to be honest it was a decion Dave and myself made early on that we both felt very strongly about.

This project was and is about not waiting around for someone to give you an opportunity and creating your own opportunities, hopefully inspiring others along the way to do the same no matter what it involves.

Plus it’s a lot more fun if something pops up out of nowhere and intrigues you and you ask yourself what the heck is this and I want to find out more!

ColdWater ultimately really plays on its suspense thriller de largely.

Andre was recently in a car accident and is having trouble with memory loss, his friend Robert is supposed to be house tting but can’t and asks Andre to cover for him allowing him to get some rest as well.

This movie really plays on hidden things through out the movie and subtlety.

We really wanted to try and keep it as relatable and real to people as much as posble.

Allowing the audience to really create some of there own concluons of what is going on and not spoon-feeding all the answers to them.

At the end of the day some people will love that about the movie and love the movie itself and some people will hate it and that’s okay.

HB: What’s the status of the film? Have you guys wrapped, are you in pre, or post right now?

ID: Well we are just about to wrap up on post, however one of the beauties of doing a film on your own is you decide when it’s ready and done.

We really have been fortunate that while certain parts of the post process have taken longer than expected, It has allowed the movie to really develop and with time mold into what it is today.

One of our favorite things to do even when we were writing it and now even with the post production process is, going over the material word by word and frame by frame talking things out making sure we think its right.

It’s a very exciting time for us to finally after two years almost be done with the film and see what we’ve accomplished.

Most importantly get the movie out there and see what you the audience thinks of it.HB: Based on your growing résumé it seems you’ve got an affinity for the horror genre. Could we be seeing a future genre staple developing here, or are you looking forward to further broadening your cinematic horizons?

ID: Although hearing genre staple is very flattering and all around AWESOME!!!

Still see myself furthering my cinematic horizons.

The excitement of the challenges that come with different genres is definitely one of the major reasons I would like to explore new grounds however; I can guarantee my return to the horror genre and my love for scaring the crap out of people.

I feel like it’s something that comes a lot more naturally to me than other stuff I guess because it’s easy for me to put myself in relatable shoes for suspense and horror.HB: I know you and Dave Parker are working on this film together. He and I spoke recently, and he seems like a great guy: what’s it like working with him?

ID: Dave Parker and I have pretty much done everything from beginning to end together on ColdWater.

You know it’s a very interesting thing to bring up, we had only known each other a few months when we began writing ColdWater and decided to go on this journey.

He was editing and directing on an Animal Planet show called Lost Tapes and needed someone who could play a creature for the show.

Rob Dobbs was assting Vincent Guastini at VGP productions in creating the creature suits for the show.

Rob and I met on my first feature I starred in and suggested to Dave he should call me for I could endure the phycal demands that come from creature suit work.

Dave called me then and there and that’s how my creature suit career began and we began working together.

What started as a buness venture turned into a great friendship, Dave is an extremely loyal person and hard worker never compring anything and always setting out for quality.

One of the many rewarding pleasures of this project definitely is the incredible collaboration Dave and I had and outcome from it.

You see Dave really is the horror guy and I really am just now beginning to learn about the horror community and genre.

Having the extreme different outlooks helped us in creating a movie that can appeal to both the horror fans but also the general audience.

Like any partnership there are highs and lows and we definitely experienced both but fortunately we are still working together and are stronger because of both.HB: You’re a young guy who’s apparently got the potential for an amazing ceiling. Where do you hope to be in the next five to ten years?

ID: To be honest I feel it’s very important for people to have a set goal or even just a dream of where they want to take themselves.

My dreams are what have gotten me this far and will take me further.

As long as I’m able to do what I love and make an honest living from it I will be happy.

Ultimately I would like to be at a level where I can be acting, writing, producing, and even one day directing my own pictures but still from time to time work on other peoples film and televion projects solely acting.HB: I always like to get an idea of what “industry heads” are really digging, so I’ve got to ask: What are some of your favorite recent horror films?

ID: Like I mentioned earlier I have only recently been introduced to the horror community and genre so I guess you can say I have a lot of catching up to do.

It has really been great meeting and getting to know some of the big players in the horror community and they are all very welcoming.

One of my all time favorites so far with out a doubt is Indious… all I have to say is brilliant!

I have been fortunate to get to know some of the people who made the movie and I really look up to them as filmmakers.

We were actually blessed with the presence of James Wan while shooting outde one night on ColdWater and this was before Indious was even completed and released.

The fact that it was made PG and the incredible amount of subtle but effective scares really did it for me.

Recently watched and really had a great time with The Return Of The Living Dead, not as scary as other horror movies but still a lot of fun to watch. Also I can appreciate the use of practical affects back then nce CGI was not really an option and having done a lot of creature work myself It’s always great to see it being used.

Lastly I have to say I’m a big fan of what the Paranormal Activity folks have been able to achieve.

The movies have scared the crap out of me and I can say that I really learned a lot from them.

The way they used different techniques to scare people was very inspirational to me.

You can create certain things and make it register in people’s minds so they associate fear with it, for example the camera being locked into potion in the bedroom in the first paranormal movie.

Even if nothing happened I tensed up every time that shot came up in expectation of something horrible.

HB: Anything you’d like to say to those who have been supporting you on your journey?ID: Yes a special thanks to my family and friends who have been unbelievably supportive of me and for never doubting my crazy ideas.

Life is hard for everyone and I believe it’s extremely important to create a strong support group, especially living in Hollywood.

Generally I’m a very optimistic and potive person but I don’t know what I would do or where I would be if it weren’t for my loved ones being there to help me push through the rough times. Thank you and please be sure to stay tuned with the film at & @COLDWATERMOVIE!!
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