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"You Think You Know The Story" - New Poster Debuts For THE CABIN IN THE WOODS

With the release date being thrown every which way, people have been waiting for a look at Joss Whedon produced The Cabin In The Woods. Well atleast things are starting to somewhat come together. A release date of April 13, 2012 has been given and today Ain't It Cool News, got their hands on a new teaser poster.

The movie features a cast with names such as Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connolly, Brian J. White,Bradley Whitford, Amy Acker,Jesse Williams, and Fran Kranz and follows a group of teenagers as they vit a cabin in the woods only to discover something horrific and twisted. Now we've heard this story before but apparently this movie is set to a twist in the usually story and the genre itself.

The movie is being directed by Drew Goddard and produced by Joss Whedon.Both Goddard and Whedon co-wrote the script.

Source: Aint It Cool News
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