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INSIDIOUS/ SAW Director James Wan Gives Us A Slight Taste Of His Next Project!

I'm a huge James Wan fan. It all started with the creation of the Saw franchise followed by Dead lence and I was even more impressed by the recent, Indious.

In an interview with Scott Dickerson and Shock, James stated "The lifestory of the Warrens is my next film.".

For those of you going "who are they?" well here's your answer. The Warrens were real-life paranormal investigators featuring the duo of Ed and Lorraine.Ed was a WWII vet as well as a self-proclaimed demonologist while his wife, Lorraine was a medium. Sounds like a pretty good pairing.

The Warrens have worked on plenty of famous cases,including the Amityville house. Even thought they took some criticism they stood tall and made their mark in history.Unfortunately Ed passed away in 2006.

But who knows what James will do with this, I personally cannot wait for further information and I'll be sure to let you know about any news.


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