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HorrorBid's Holiday Horror Movie Guide - Up Yours Kringle!

It’s that time of year again. When chestnuts are roasted over an open fire, and kids plead their case as to how they have been nice all year long. These are the moments most families wait for all year long and cherish every second of them.

The month of December, for most, is a joyous time; However, for the people who live and breathe everything horror, it can be a somewhat depresng time of year. There are really no new releases to look forward to, hardly anyone is in the mood to watch or talk about horror, and there are only so many times when one can handle hearing ole Frosty say “Happy Birthday!” Never fear devoted Bidite nation! We are here to tell you that horror DOES indeed live on into the Holiday Season. We compiled a list of five festive frights that will keep you up, even when you know Santa knows you’re awake! •

lent Night, Deadly Night

This one is one of the most recognizable Christmas themed horror flicks out there. LENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT packs an interesting story that follows a boy, Billy Chapman, as he endures witnesng the death of his beloved parents, by a killer Santa Claus no less, traumatic punishments by the hands of a ruthless nun, and the moment when he snaps into a murderous rampage at his department store job while dressed up as, you guessed it, Santa Claus. Definitely one of the better X-mas slashers out there, I felt that there was enough material to make this film into three separate films, but it works wells though.•

Black Christmas

Arguably the first real slasher, BLACK CHRISTMAS, gave us all the essence we love in HALLOWEEN, only four years earlier. It's Christmas break at a college sorority house; the girls are planning things for Christmas vacation until a mysterious stranger makes bizarre phone calls, he sneaks into the attic and THAT’S when the madness begins! Notably directed by Bob Clark, who also helmed another holiday clasc in “A Christmas Story,” the film relied on really creating a eerie atmosphere and its crazy killer named Billy, who has a multitude of bizarre voices, this is an underrated clasc.•

Jack Frost

Now, we know what you are thinking. Could we really put a Michael Keaton family flick into the lineup? Of course not!! We are talking about the OTHER Jack Frost that came out before that Troy Miller directed disaster. A killer, appropriately named Jack Frost, is on his way to the fryer, when the vehicle transporting him collides with a genetic material truck; thus, putting his soul/spirit into the snow. I know, I know it sounds crazy but it’s so cheesy and out there that it’s a clasc. The acting in it is actually pretty good in my eyes, but it’s the bizarre plot that makes the acting seem horrible. With some pretty entertaining deaths, this is one you can watch with the guys and enjoy this “so bad it’s good” stocking stuffer.•

Christmas Evil

A joyful season can’t be complete without a viewing of a clasc film from Troma. CHRISTMAS EVIL deals with Harry who was scarred as a child after seeing his dad, dressed as Santa, have sex with his mom. He grows up, works at a toy factory and one year dresses up as Old St. Nicholas and decides to go on a demented delivery of toys to both the nice and naughty kids. This film is less of the slasher genre and more of an artistic and psychological one. There's a bizarre twist in the end that makes you want to question the movie. CHRISTMAS EVIL predates LENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, and relaunched the Christmas horror genre for years to come.•

Santa’s Slay

Here we have Santa with a body count. SANTA’S SLAY stars Bill Goldberg as the jolly, not so giving man from the North. The premise is that Santa isn’t really so nice after all. The only reason he has been for so long is because he lost a bet to an angel for 1000 years, requiring him to be nice. The time is up and Santa has a lot of evil to catch up on. With its great mix of murderous mayhem and comedy, Santa's Slay makes for a wickedly entertaining little movie.

That's our list. We hope you enjoy. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Stay tuned as we have a lot in store for 2012.
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Tuesday 12/13/2011 at 02:15 PM | 88227
How on earth could you forget lent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)? That is my all-time FAVORITE Christmas horror movie. Need I remind you of this little scene?

And then we have the sequel to Jack Frost, which I might even prefer to the first:
ObscureCinema101 Tuesday 12/13/2011 at 08:33 PM | 88243