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Special Effects Group From "The Matrix" & "The Hobbit" Bringing "I, Frankenstein" to Life

If you're a comic book or graphic novel fan or mply a fan of special effects (which I am a huge fan of) than chances are you're excited about the remake of the film "I, Frankenstein". And while details are very sparse at this moment, the special make-up effects group "Mega Effects" ( ), who are responble for work on all of the "Matrix" films along with the upcoming film, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", announced that they will be doing the special F/X work on "I, Frankenstein".

Via Facebook, here is what the company had to say,

We are really excited to announce that Make-up Effects Group have been given the job to create all the special make-up effects for the feature film I, Frankenstein. We’ve already created some cool conceptual demon sculptures that Stuart (director Stuart Beattie) and the team loved. Currently we are developing the Frankenstein “look” for actor Aaron Eckhart. It's about to go into life-casting over-drive, as all the actors come in to have their head casts done. MEG are looking forward to doing something very special for the show.

Not only that but we also know that the fabulous Aaron Eckhardt (Two-Face from The Dark Knight) is also cast in the project which is based on the graphic novel developed by Kevin Grevioux, co-creator of the "Underworld" franchise. The film is slated for a wide-release on February 22, 2013. Stay tuned as I look forward to more information on this project as it comes available." class="photoborder" />

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