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The Year 2012 In Horror: A Preview Of Coming Attractions!

In all I'd say the year 2011 was a successful year for the horror community. We saw some ups and of course some downs. But the year is winding down to an end and the year 2012 is approaching. So I though I'd give a little preview of what we can expect to see in the coming year!

The Lords Of Salem: Rob Zombie steps back into the directors chair and with a new original. The Lords Of Salem is the story of a 300 year old coven of witches returning to modern day Salem with a vengeance. Following Rob's Halloween remake and its sequel he returns with a brand new idea. I've always been a fan of Rob and his creative ideas so I personally am looking forward to this one.Especially with an idea involving the Salem Witch Trials, I'm pretty excited to see what Rob does with this.No official release date has been given but we can expect to see it in theaters fall of 2012.

Cabin In The Woods: A film I'm sure we've all been anticipating. The film comes from the minds of Drew Goddard aswell as Joss Whedon and follows a group of college kids viting a cabin in the woods. Sounds familiar right?Well apparently this one comes with a new twist that compeletely changes the idea around. Personally I really want to know what it is but I guess were left to wait until April 13th to find out.

Underworld: Awakening: Kate Beckinsale is back and ready to kick some ass.In th fourth installment in the Underworld series we see Selene returns into the world to find out that humans have discovered the existence of Vampires and Lycans and have engaged in an all out war to try to eliminate both species. I've never followed the Underworld series very closely but from what I've seen from the trailer it looks like it'll be a pretty good flick and a nice addition into the series.Look for it in theaters January 20th.

Dark Shadows: Ah yes,Tim Burton adapting a gothic soap opera featuring vampires, witches and dysfunctional families...sounds good to me. In Tim's latest film we follow Barnabas Collins(played guessed it Johnny Depp)in the year 1752 as he breaks the heart of a witch, who then puts a spell on him turning him into a vampire aswell as burying him.The film then shoots to 1972 where his finds his extremely dysfunctional and secretive family. I've always loved the creativity of Tim and his works and can't wait to see what he does with this one.The film also features familiar names like Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jonny Lee Miller, Chloe Mortez, Helena Bonham Carter,and Jackie Earle Haley. Its set for release May 11th." class="photoborder" />

The Woman In Black: Daniel Radcliffe is back AND AS SOMEONE ELSE BEDES HARRY POTTER. That's right, in this film we Daniel plays a young Lawyer by the name of Arthur Kipps. Arthur must travel to settle some legal affairs of a deceased client. He stays at the client's house which then is followed by a series of paranormal/supernatural events that leaves Arthur left to solve.Again the previews show a pretty good movie. I see a lot of old school horror elements in this one which I think we'll make it popular amongst the horror community, lets just hope the story line doesnt absolutley suck.Look for this one February 3rd.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: Abraham Lincoln, predent by day, vampire killer by night...I like it. In this film Benjamin Walker portrays our 16th predent as he seeks revenge on the vampires that killed his parents, while he also leads our country. The film is adapted from Seth Grahame-Smith's 2010 novel and is directed by Tim Bekmambetov aswell as produced by Tim Burton. Look for this one June 22nd.

World War Z: Finally we'll see Max Brooks' clasc zombie apocolypse novel brought onto the big screen. The film is set to follow the struggle of people after a full scale zombie apocolypse aka World War Z. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane as he interviews people after World War Z. After some production struggle this film finally took off filming and were counting down the days until we get a trailer for a better look at what to expect(bedes the set photos we've seen. Unfortunately it's almost bacally another year until its actually released,being December 21st,but at least maybe it'll

be a good way to end the year 2012.

Piranha 3DD: This film's release dates been tossed and turned so much that don't even have an official release date. At least we know it's sometime in 2012, we have that to work with. But the film is a follow up to 2009's horror comedy Piranha 3D which brought us back to the good ol' B-movie days. Personally I found it quite hilarious. Now knowing the sequel will take place at a waterpark and features Gary Busey, David Hasselhoff and Christopher Lloyd...I think it'll be pretty good. Stay tuned for a release date.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Part 2: See you thought it'd just be movies but you just can't leave out The Walking Dead.After such a stunning and epic mid-season finale we head back to Rick Grimes and the gang to see what zombie infested trouble they get themselves into now. We've heard some word that we can expect some more zombie killings (WIN!) but I'm wondering how they're going to end season 2.Judging by the first half of the season, I doubt we'll be disappointed. The second half is set to premiere on AMC February 12th.

Honorable Mentions: Paranorman The Raven Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters Paranormal Activity 4

So theres a little bit of a look of what to expect. Got any favorites or more suggestions, leave down below!
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