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Why 'Julia's Eyes' Should Have Been Considered One of 2011's Greats

While the horror community has been raving over films like Scream 4, Indious, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and Hobo with a Shotgun, Guillem Morales’ Spanish chiller, Julia’s Eyes has managed to fly under the radar in a manner rarely seen, even amongst our oft abysmal genre. Shot in 2010, Julia’s eyes wasn’t made available to the mass US public until mid-2011, and without a doubt, it should be being condered one of the year’s true gems; unfortunately, it’s not being recognized, at all.

Travesty’s such as this occur on a frequent bas, however, they don’t often tip the scales with this kind of magnitude: Julia’s Eyes is an unbelievably creepy feature that boasts legitimate scares, amazing atmosphere, palpable tenon and top notch performances. The script itself is also stunningly well crafted, with attention invested in the smallest of details that so many scribes tend to neglect. There is in short, no reason not to conder this picture one of the finest to land on shelves this year; for the sake of quality discuson here’s a handful of reasons it should have!

The Story: This film is extremely clever. Guillem Morales and Oriol Paulo have put together a tale that thrives on the strength of meticulous plotting. Every base is covered, and while the early setups may feel a tad shaky, their effectiveness truly shines as revelations unfold. Speaking of revelations the finale of this film is spectacular; the big reveal doesn’t become too predictable until it ts on the cusp of unraveling, and even if you’ve pieced this puzzle together, by that point, it doesn’t matter and you certainly won’t feel slighted in the least.

Aesthetics: The set pieces are gloomy and bleak, and the lighting matches that mood perfectly. We’re not afforded many amazing aerial shots, or awe inspiring landscape views, but this film doesn’t need them. The confined quarters with which most of the film was shot work perfectly to echo the claustrophobic sensation the story conjures. What we’ve got is an absolutely gorgeous film that, by all accounts, probably shouldn’t be anywhere near as visually stunning as it is (I fucking loved, loved, loved the camera flash shots).

Belén Rueda: If Belén didn’t win you over with her haunting performance in The Orphanage, well, you may lack a pulse. This woman is not only a stellar actress, she’s naturally gorgeous. In a field where makeup is nearly as essential as air, it’s refreshing to see a female lead who doesn’t require a year’s supply of E.L.F to bring out her beauty. Fully capable in all facets of the craft, Belén Rueda is mply amazing, and arguably the most attractive woman over 45.

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