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HorrorBid Exclusive: Interview with Darren Lynch, Mastermind Behind Upcoming 'Ouija' Flick

Darren Lynch may be a young gentleman, but he’s got goals, and more importantly, he’s making all the strides posble to make those goals a tangible reality. In this new excluve interview, Darren discusses his upcoming feature “Ouija”, a shocking tale that promises to offer plenty of shocking visuals and stunning plot points. You can check out my one-on-one discuson with Darren below, and formulate your own opinion: are you looking forward to the proming tale of torment, Ouija, or are you anticipating another failed attempt at a subgenre ripe for the picking?

I'll personally be keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes of something special; it's not everyday we're treated to a quality film of this nature!

Matt Molgaard/Horrorbid: Films based upon Ouija Boards are really fairly rare in the horror genre. In my mind, that’s a little surpring, because I think there are a lot of approaches that can be taken when tackling the subject matter. Why do you think we’ve experienced such a drought in regards to Ouija flicks?

Darren Lynch: Hmm maybe the fact of the stories people have heard about the Ouija board. I've never done one before, but there was a time a few years back my friends had an idea to make and play with the Ouija board even though I had never experienced one. I didn't want to do one: I just knew that it was a bad idea. I guess people haven't the courage to dabble with an ouija board enough to do a film about it.

HB: Were you compelled to tackle this type of picture because there have been so few efforts of milar nature?

DL: Yes that is one reason, the other was the fact that it’s a scary subject and everyone has always been curious about whether it works. I know I was, and have tried it a few times so; doing an Ouija board film seemed perfect to bring the scares to the audience.HB: Give me an idea of what we can expect from Ouija; are we going to be treated to a full on witch craft type of film, will you utilize a slasher type of setup; What direction are you headed with this film?

DL: Expect ghosts and demons summoned from a group of disbelieves with no second chances with what they are about to dabble in. Think Blair Witch crossed between long time dead.

HB: I know you’re writing, directing and producing this feature. Talk to me about some of the challenges that come with taking on such a prominent role in the making of a motion picture.

DL: The lack of budget was the biggest problem, making a movie with hardly any money was a challenge amongst itself, needing equipment, getting the lighting in the shots perfect was a hard task but we got there in the end. The weather was an issue, at times we started filming with no rain so when we had days when it was raining we had to hold off from filming until it stopped.

HB: As of today, what phase of the game are you in? Is the script completely tightened up; has casting begun (and if so who is attached, or for the matter who would you like to be attached to this project); when and where will you be shooting?

DL: We have just gone into post production on Ouija after 5 weeks of filming. A trailer is expected in about a month’s time. I casted some newbie actors in this production who were perfect for the roles and played them exceptionally well. The bond between the cast was perfect, they all got on so well.

HB: Now, have you gotten in depth in regards to researching not only Ouija Boards, but other films focused on the same content?

DL: I've heard stories of the Ouija board, the big question is does it work? It hasn't worked for me but

still think it shouldn't be messed with: it wouldn't of been banned otherwise, right? While filming I did hear of a horror film about an Ouija board in development in the states, I also heard it wasn't going ahead, so who knows. Apart from that both films are different as the states film is a family film. UK Ouija is far from a family film.

HB: You’re only 25 years old. To be spearheading a project like this sounds like a task that most would shy away from. Knowing that, I’ve got to believe you’ve got plenty of pason invested in this venture. Where are you drawing that drive from?

DL: That’s exactly what it is, my pason. I love this industry and wouldn't want to do anything else with my career but to be involved in acting. That’s where my drive comes from, when you want something so bad you work very hard to get there.

HB: Veering a little bit, I’d like to ask you about today’s horror landscape. What films are leaving impresons on you?

DL: Well horror being my favourite genre, hmmm id have to say The Ring films and the Grudge films was a good watch. Always been a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Streets and Friday the 13th films: can’t beat the clascs. There are so many...

HB: Is the horror genre a natural fit for you, or are you looking to keep your focus on a wide variety of genres?

DL: I am a big fan of horrors but it’s not what I'm going to stick to. I want to vary my work and try different genres so I can cater for all audiences.

HB: How do you feel about the current trends; found footage features and remakes in particular?

DL: Found footage was a great idea and really put an edge onto horror and I even thought about that idea for Ouija but I think it’s too used now everybody is doing it. The remakes are impresve; the effects have really made the films but you can’t beat the original can you?

HB: Who has inspired you in this industry?

DL: My inspirations have come from Stephen King, Steven Spielberg one of the greatest writers and one of the greatest directors. Actor wise I’d have to say Will Smith and Denzel Washington

two very brilliant actors. I also had the pleasure of working with Noel Clarke director, writer and star of Kidulthood and Adulthood: meeting him was a big inspiration.

HB: Obviously you’ve got some major goals. Where do you see yourself in a decade? Would you like to be spending more time in front of the cameras, or behind?

DL: I still see myself growing in this great industry. My pason has been in front of the camera so I’ll definitely be doing that in a decade. But I also enjoy directing and writing so I guess I will even it out and do it all.

HB: Anything you’d like to say to your fans and supporters?DL: Yes: don't give up on your dreams, do what you want to do. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my career and my work and watch this space I’ll keep working on entertaining you in the film industry.

Keep your eyes peeled, as we'll make sure to bombard you with Ouija updates as they trickle down the pipeline!

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