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Things to Fear: 'Underworld Awakening'

I’ve been a fairly dedicated fan of the Underworld series. I’ve always been of the opinion that these films capture the glamour of the vampire and the torment of the lycan, without dizzying the picture with all the sparkly jazz that pollutes so many films of these sub-genres. There’s a certain unforgiving nature that always reminds you: these aren’t the kind of vampires you flirt with as dusk falls, these are the kind that will drain you without an ounce of remorse (yeah, that was intentional). As for the lycans, these poor bastards carry the angst that Lon Chaney toted during Universal’s heyday of horror, with an obvious contemporary twist.

The flicks are awesome. They truly are; the replay value alone justifies any price tag you face, and the spirited effort to incorporate at much practical special effect work in each film is damn admirable. Oh, did I mention Kate Beckinsale runs around in a skin tight leather suit? Yeah, who’s winning now?

All these potives, and yet, here I t, extremely cautionary in my discuson and contemplation of the upcoming fourth franchise feature. The CGI appears to be ratcheted up to all new heights. I’m not convinced I’ll appreciate the “hybrid daughter” element, as I’ve already had the time to grow a subconscious attachment to Scott Speedman’s character, Michael. I’m not feeling as though this is a real original idea, and I don’t expect much in terms of new twists, turns or revelations pertinent to the character specifically.

I also doubt the menace of the stories new focal villain: man. Of course we’re villains, of course we’re not out to support bloodsuckers running amuck devouring people and of course, we’re not anywhere near as cool as vampires battling other creatures. Yeah,, I spotted the enormous lycan, but I want some of the brutal war offered by the first two franchise features.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong, but I’m afraid Underworld: Awakening is going to suck.

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Matt_Molgaard Sunday 1/15/2012 at 08:45 AM | 89486