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Give My Ashmore Twins In Horror!

If you want to discuss a pair of blings perfectly suited for the horror genre, you’ve got to be debating identical twins Shawn and Aaron Ashmore. These gentlemen have no qualms with venturing away from the genre, but when they put their efforts into a quality horror piece, magic happens. Both men possess sound acting abilities, embraceable personalities, and unique character traits, that, even while in character clearly shine through on screen.

While Shawn has been the more active of the two in regards to macabre cinema, Aaron sure isn’t far behind. Both men have surfaced in numerous sci-fi/horror themed televion programs including appearances in Fringe (both) and Outer Limit’s, but it’s clearly feature length films that tend to beckon these proming stars. When you possess this kind of talent, why not aim for the stars, right?

Shawn has had an absolutely wonderful run in the realm of darkness, appearing in some absolutely kick ass flicks like Adam Green’s chilling tale, Frozen, the extremely underrated screen transfer of Scott B. Smith’s absolutely horrifying tale of living foliage, The Ruins and a quiet sleeper that’s surely bound to cause major waves upon wider release, Darren Lynn Bousman’s 2010 remake of Mother’s Day. Toss in a few entertaining cameos (Hatchet II) and you’ve got yourself a blossoming genre staple.

Aaron on the other hand hasn’t been quite as dedicated to the genre, but he’s begun paying his dues, and believe me his hard work is dearly appreciated. Last year Aaron led the charge in Jon Knautz’s unsettling tale of cult activity, The Shrine. The film, an easy pick for favorite genre feature in my opinion served as a top notch follow up to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. And while Aaron certainly didn’t portray a character even milar to that of Jack Brooks, he does provide a believable performance as the film’s hero; in fact, he outshines the remaining cast members, you could damn near call this picture a one man show.

But Aaron’s horror roots run deeper than a ngle film. Before landing the aforementioned key role, Ashmore put plenty of work in; you may recall spotting him in the first sequel in the Skulls franchise as well as the disquieting Ghost House production, The Thaw, which introduces viewers to a prehistoric parate with deadly intent. Hell, Aaron even ventured into direct-to-televion work when he fronted the cast of Fear Island.

Between these two brothers, a scintillating body of work is being assembled. From blockbusters to indie efforts this charismatic set of twins seem to fear no project; better yet, they seem to share an affinity for horror films. Given their pason and refined performances, that can only mean one thing: Genre fans are destined to see these two turn the horror world on its collective head in the future.

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