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Unsung Heroes: Lochlyn Munro

Lochlyn Munro sports a face you know, but a name that may ring foreign. Being a dedicated horror buff, I must say, that needs to change; it’s time we recognized Lochlyn as Lochlyn, and not “that guy from Scary Movie”. The man is the owner of a well-rounded skill set, portraying a wide variety of characters across the landscape of numerous cinematic genres. However, it’s certainly nice to illuminate his love of horror, which is precisely what I aim to do with this piece.

Munro broke into the industry back in the late 1980’s appearing in numerous televion series’ including the insanely popular 21 Jump Street. After flexing versatile in the front of the cameras, Lochlyn landed a role in the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s, Needful Things. Post-Needful Things Munro hit the ground running, appearing in a slew of genre based televion work and straight to video features including Trancers 4, Highlander, Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? and Poltergeist: The Legacy. Munro would see the 90’s close while performing a brief stint on Constance M. Burge’s popular series, Charmed, alongde Alyssa Milano.

2000 would prove a breakout year for the charismatic Munro, who’d already showcased a prolific quality that can only be deemed synonymous with workhorse; Lochlyn secured the role of Greg Phillippe in the horror spoof, Scary Movie. A grizzly demise ensured Greg would not be returning for future franchise sequels, although the door to stardom had officially opened wide for Lochlyn, and he didn’t hetate to seize the opportunity.

George Mendeluk’s Terror Experiment is tapped to hit DVD in the near future, Toxic looks bleak and proming, Mark Sheppard’s Mysterious Island has officially wrapped, and, believe it or not Munro is now rumored to be attached to Zeke Pinheiro’s The Cheerleaders Must Die! (a film we’ve openly supported here at the Bid); as is evident, this man has no intention of downshifting the metaphorical speedster that drives his profesonal career, and I for one support the excesve acceleration. This man has been fine-tuned for the genre, so I say: BRING IT, Lochlyn Munro kicks ass!

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Matt_Molgaard Tuesday 1/17/2012 at 02:49 AM | 89594
I actually recognized him from FVJ, more than I did from Scary movie..... that's just me though
TheyCallMeGhostface Tuesday 1/17/2012 at 10:57 PM | 89644
He was in Scary Movie? Hmm I don't remember that....But I do remember him from Freddy vs Jason.
AshPower23 Thursday 1/19/2012 at 01:23 AM | 89700