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The Terror of Silent Hill Comes Back to the Big Screen

One of the many horror movies currently on offer on

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and elsewhere in the UK this month is lent Hill: Revelation.

This is the sequel to the 2006 film lent Hill that actually originated from a videogame with the same name.

The first film’s story focused on Rose, a mother who decides to take her disturbed daughter Sharon to lent Hill – a former mining town, the name of which Sharon keeps repeating in her sleep. On the way there, there’s a freak accident and when the mother wakes up, her daughter is misng. What follows is Sharon’s frenzied search for her misng daughter.

She follows a series of clues which lead her to Alessa (played by the same actress as Sharon). It’s down to Rose to work out the link between the two girls and the local cult before the demons of lent Hill overpower her and her companion – a police officer called Cybil.

Having discovered she’s trapped in an alternate reality, Rose manages to send Sharon back to her husband in the real world via an amulet.

In lent Hill: Revelation we re-encounter Sharon and her father Christopher who have been living under assumed names Heather and Harry Mason. They’ve been living on the run nce as long as Heather can remember, trying to stay out of harm’s way from mysterious forces that she doesn’t understand.

As Heather is about to turn 18, she suffers terrible nightmares and her father disappears. She then discovers that she’s been living under an assumed identity and this revelation leads her into an alternate world that she may never escape from.

lent Hill: Revelation has plenty of scary moments which will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through, but it’s probably a good idea to have seen the first film so you know what’s going on!
Shakelford, J. Rusty Wednesday 11/07/2012 at 07:30 PM | 97656
love that screen shot, just put it as my desktop wallpaper
CHROMExSKULL Wednesday 11/07/2012 at 09:40 PM | 97659