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13 Question Marks of Horror with the ABC's of Death's Kyra Zagorsky

Kyra is a statuesque beauty who you can't help but remember. You've seen her on genre shows like Fringe and Supernatural, as well as Stargate. Though she has graced our TV screens before, this year marks her first venture into horror. Kyra will be double dipping in blood with the highly anticipated "ABC's of Death" and the new zombie film "Toxin". Luckily she had some time in between to talk about The 13 Question Marks of Horror...

Photo by Alex Chiang

1. You've been acting pretty steady for almost 10 years. How did you fall in love with it?

I was in love with movies when I was young.

Some of them really left a mark in those formative years.

I didn’t know that acting was something I could realistically pursue coming from small town Colorado.

So I put my attention into writing.

It wasn’t until I was in college and started training in acting and seeing a lot of good, live theatre that I really fell in love with it.

The first play I did where I discovered my potential as an actor was Agnes of God.

I think I was 19.

That might be the one that hooked me.

I’m a sucker for a good story.

2. Your first acting experience was a high school mucal. Do you ever want to return to that genre on film?

I don’t know that the mucal thing is for me.

Some of the people I went to school with are on Broadway, so I know what caliber of nger you have to be.

I can ng a bit but I think my real skill as a performer is better suited for drama.

On the other hand, I don’t know that I’ve ever been as excited to see a movie as Les Miserable coming out next month!

The trailer gives me butterflies every time I see it!

3. You've done lots of theater as well. What is the major difference for you between film and stage?

The major difference for me is the emotional and phycal process of finding the character.

In theatre there is the freedom of living the whole story from beginning to end. Then you get up the next day and do it again hoping you find something deeper.

In film you live each moment or scene at a time and it’s shot out of order. There is a sense of connecting then disconnecting. Each time you go back to the top of that moment to shoot it again, that’s your chance in film to find something deeper.

Once that’s done you move on and leave it behind.

4. You have appeared in some of the hottest sci-fi and horror shows on televion. Are you a fan of that genre?

I am a fan of sci-fi.

Aliens is still one of my all time favorites.

I used to be into horror when I was in that high school age.

It was so fun to be freaked out! Now, good horror movies actually scare me. Terrify me, actually.

5. Stargate had a pretty serious sci-fi fan base and now moving into horror; do you find the fandom is milar?


I still get mail from my Stargate fans and it blows me away because it feels like it was so long ago.

When I went to the Toronto International Film Festival for ABC’s of Death, the audience was lined up around 4 city blocks to get in.

Some of them were dressed in costumes and they were screaming and cheering before the premiere.

I’ve never been a part of something like that.

6. Let's talk about the ABCs of Death. What can you tell me about the project? 26 different directors representing 15 or so different countries.

It’s a fascinating compilation of films because the style of filmmaking, taste and idea of horror was so broad.

The segment I starred in was set in the future.

7. Was it hard to create a character with such a small amount of time to do it in?

Kaare, the director,

did something really amazing on my very first set up.

I sat down for this scene.

They were going to get my coverage first.

So all cameras and lights… everything is on me.

Then I heard, “rolling” and he said to me okay Kyra he’s got a list of questions he’s going to ask you.

You just improv the answers and then he’ll start the scene and just go on from there.


It was great because I instantly became completely open and present and had to respond to these really personal things he was asking me as the character.

I really feel like he collaborated with me to figure out who she was going to be in those first moments on set and so I just trusted that and made a choice.

It was a great way to jump into her shoes with the short amount of time we had to shoot.

8. Were you familiar with any of the director's work prior to ABCs of death?

I knew that he (Kaare) was a crazy talented Marvel Comics artist.

9. You also have a zombie film on the horizon. Can you tell me a little about Toxin 3-D?

Toxin 3D is a little different than a typical Zombie movie because they’re actually living and not dead.

If that makes any sense…

It’s a fun, action packed adventure with a lot of fun characters.

I had a blast shooting it.

The cast had me laughing every day.

10. Did you draw from any personal experience to create the character of Carla?

I did.

Her father has a potion in the military and my Dad was a Viet NamVet and an ex Marine.

When I read the script, I just understood her way with people and it was easy for me to connect to the humanity of her character because of that connection.

11. Was it difficult for you shooting in 3-D for the first time or was it pretty much the same process?

It was only different because it was a different process for the camera crew.

I have a fight in the movie and sometimes you’ve got to give that punch right into lens for the 3D effect to work out in post.

12. You’ve produced two titles now and written one. Do you see yourself leaning towards working more behind the camera?



I have another project that I am writing.

I’ve directed plays both in a Univerty setting and profesonally so I would love to give Directing film a shot.

I don’t think I could be satisfied artistically if I was only acting.

I have way too many stories going on in my head that I feel a need to express them in ways other than in front of the camera.

13. With the ABCs of Death and Toxin in the near future, can horror fans expect to see more of you?


I’ve got to say, I’ve played the hero and the villain in this genre and it really is fun.

For the hero, the stakes are really high so there is a freedom in expreson there.

As the villain (like the one I played in Divine the series) there is a freedom in creativity with how dark you can go or what you can do with the character.

You don’t always get chances to explore those things elsewhere.

ABC's Of Death will be in theaters January 31st, 2013 and look for Toxin in 2013 as well. Keep an eye out for them and the ravishing Kyra Zagorsky. You will be glad you did.
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