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For The Love of Hate Crime: To strong a statement for Hollywood?

James Cullen Bressack is Jewish. Not the most obvious Jewish name, and I think that has caused some question as to who is this kid that made this film, but he is. He's telling a story about the things he has in a way that he knows how.

Hate Crime has won several awards including the Online Audience Award at Killer Film Fest 2012, Most Horrifying Film at Pollygrind 2012, Best Transgreson Film at Pollygrind 2012, Best Director and Best of Show at Underground Monster Carnival, and Best Independent Film at BloodGuts 2012.

Rally behind him and this film. You don't have to like the film but if you don't support it the next person to have an even harder time getting out to the people and you never know which are misng unless you’re given the chance to ignore it. That choice has been taken from you so far. I hope that makes sense to you. I hope supporting the film makes sense to you.

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