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There is No Antidote for Fear "The Nest 3D" Movie Poster & Scoop!!

Spiders are terrifying enough. I cannot imagine swarms of them, and in 3D. Sounds like a receipe for fear.

In an interview with Bait 3D director Kimble Rendall from last year, he said "I'm currently writing a new horror movie. It's about spiders, so I'm going from sharks to spiders."It is confirmed that Rendall will direct The Nest 3D.


When an Australian scientist goes misng in the Chinese desert, a team of his friends and colleagues embark on a search and rescue mison.

However, once in the wilderness, the search party is forced by a flash fire to abandon its mison, and on seeking shelter in an abandoned building, they find themselves face to face with an even more terrifying threat: the Funnel Webs. Swarms of the deadliest subterranean spiders have been driven to the surface by the heat and now the mison has quickly become one of survival.


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