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A First Look At Maury And Bustillo's "Among The Living" Info & Photos!

The french film making duo of Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have built an international following due to their first two films"Inde" and "Livid" and they look to expand their following with their 3rd film, "Among The Living". The movie has the focus set around three teenage pals with the directors shooting for something along the lines of a cross between "Stand By Me" and "It". Production is still underway.

"Youngsters, Victor, Dan and Tom skip school to wander around an abandoned movie set. They stumble upon a horrific vion : a woman in chains is dragged through the field by a man wearing a clown mask. The masked man catches a glimpse of the boys, who scramble to run away. But, before they can escape, they see something which has been hidden for years, something they were not meant to see. Terrified of having been seen by the masked man, the boys try to alert the police. Unfortunately, their past record of unruly behavior discredits them and the police do not follow up on their tipoff. That night someone breaks into their homes, seeking to eliminate after another... They are going to meet Klarence..."

The directors themselves pitch it like this: "Among the Living, while being in line with our previous movies themes, is a new way for us to look at fantasy films. We focused on the trantion from childhood to adulthood. What happens if, instead of getting rid of their fears and growing up, Tom, Dan and Victor would actually meet their fears. In the form of Klarence. Our vion on this movie is a mix of the melancholy of Stand by Me, the intenty and visual choc of The Hills have eyes and the creepy atmosphere of Indious! The abandoned movie set is the ideal location. It carries tremendous collective memories while providing various places for our fear to hide and grow. It was the perfect place for Klarence's nest..."

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