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Gabriele Albanesi's Upcoming Home Invasion Film "Surrounded" -First Info and Stills Inside

A very difficult task for directors is to flourish in establishing a solid symmetry of tenon and brutality within a home invaon film while at the same time nailing the character advancement giving it the proper justice. Next in line at taking a stab of said task is Gabriele Albane with the upcoming movie "Surrounded". Have a look see into this impending flick by way of fresh information and a few still shots down below.

From the Press Release: Surrounded is a high tenon international thriller shot in the English language with a cast of British and American actors, featuring the debut of Laura Girolami and Federico Patrizi. The lead role is played by Tatiana Luter, a proming young actress from Texas.

24 hours in the life of a young teacher (Luter) after her husband, a lawyer (Daniel Baldock), leaves for a buness trip... Left alone in her country house completely isolated, she begins to be haunted by invible and eluve presences, which beege her more and more with the arrival of night. Will the woman live to see the light of day?

Albane, director of The Last House in the Woods and Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show, produced the film with his Gabriele Albane Productions. Currently in post-production, Surrounded will debut soon in international film festivals.

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