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Jason vs Angela: Home is where the Heads are

Jason vs Angela: Home is where the Heads are

Coincidentally legendary murderers Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) and

Angela Baker (Sleepaway Camp) both showcased their hideaways in the first sequel of their respected franchises.

Friday the13th Part 2 invited us into the Home of Jason Voorhees. In 1957 Jason nearly drowned in Crystal Lake. He escaped the clutches of death and made his way to shore. Where did he go after that? He decided not to go back to mommy but instead start a new life. Why? Who really knows... maybe she beat him, maybe he just really hated camp or maybe he was afraid that if he didn't leave now, he would still live with his mother when he was 29. So he lived in the wilderness for 22 some odd years. He stole things, hunted for food, lived off the vegetation. He even built himself a shack deep in the woods and was undiscovered for years.

Sleepaway Camp 2 gave us a look at where Angela Baker likes to go when she's feeling down. When she isn't discouraging hot blondes from showing us their breasts, or barbecuing twins... she hangs out in her abandoned run down cabin in the woods. Angela and Jason made milar use of their humble abodes. Those dead bodies don't exactly disappear on their own. They have to be disposed of, somewhere... Why stack them in their homes and not throw them down a ditch and cover them with leaves? I really don't know... I guess they wouldn't want to attract bears or coyotes.

You have seen the layout of both getaways, where would you rather chill with your boys and a case of beer? Or even better bring a girl for some private time? Clearly Angela's cabin is more sturdy and weatherproof. Jason's shack seems to be more spacious and has a spare room in the back, just in case you were on a double date. Angela's cabin is equipped

with a shelf of canned goods and a stove for cooking. However their is no evidence of proper facilities when you'll have to sh*t that food out the next day. You'd have to walk at least 30-40 feet to the porta John and what if it's raining? Not to mention you'd be sh*tting on top of Ally. Jason's shack is equipped

with an indoor toilet bowl (complete with privacy curtain), yet no toilet paper (you'll have to use leaves). That plant might even tickle your ass as you go to t down (which may be a plus, depending). Angela's cabin also wins out on the furniture. Unless you wanna t on a stool, a chair with no cushion or a high chair... Angela's cabin is the way to go. Even the charred Shote ster's swear by Angela's decor.

So it all comes down to preference thus far but there has to be a tie breaker. Some people find comfort in televion and although it's not a widescreen high def TV with an NFL Ticket subscription, there's is definitely something worth being a couch potato for. If youre more the sentimental type, then family is where it's at for you. Jason's shack is the place to be when a mothers warmth is what you truly dere. Just make sure you have a sh*t-load of candles with you.

PS if you see a car coming up the road... dont have the mentality of a brain-dead squirrel. Wait till the car passes and then dart across the road. If you run out in front of traffic your hideaway will surly be discovered, no matter how many puddles you have to hop over to get there.

In the end both of these getaways would be great places to spend your summer. No one said you can't swing by both... if you make it out of the first one. Muahahahaha
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