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Interview With "The Conjuring" Star Kyla Deaver

Ed and Lorraine Warren walked into the home that inspired "The Amityville Horror". Before that the duo had lived through the incidents at the haunted Rhode Island farmhouse belonging to the Perron family. Now that particular tale is being turned into a well deserving film, James Wan’s upcoming supernatural horror movie "The Conjuring".

The cast includes Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel, The Orphan) and Patrick Wilson, (Indious, Hard Candy) as well as a cast of child actors to play the Perron Family children. One of them in particular is up and coming actress, Kyla Deaver, who plays April Perron, the most youthful one out of the Perron children. She is only 10 years of age, and already has a great number of commercials and modeling jobs to her credit. Deaver recently starred in the short film with the title "The Candy Shop" along with Doug Jones.

Icons of Fright recently conducted an interview with Kyla Deaver:

Icons of Fright "Hello Kyla! I’ve got a couple of questions for you. I did some research and I see that you ng, you dance, you act, you pretty much do everything. Out of all the things you perform, which would you say is your favorite?

Kyla Deaver Probably acting and nging! My favorite thing to work on is probably movies and TV shows. I want to do acting for the rest of my life, I’d love to do Disney movies.

IOF What’s your favorite movie?

Deaver Probably…hmm…there’s a lot to choose from. I’d probably have to say, OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.

IOF The movie I’m most interested in is the one you just finished, THE CONJURING. That’s a pretty scary movie for someone your age.

Deaver It wasn’t scary at all, it was lots of fun! (giggles)

IOF Not scary at all?

Deaver Nope. It was a lot of fun to be in. I was never scared. It was so much fun working on set.

IOF What was it like getting to act like you were a part of a totally different family?

Deaver It was so much fun. I loved everybody. Everybody in the family was so nice.

IOF Would you ever want to do another scary movie?

Deaver Yes. It was so much fun and it was fun to see how they do stunts and special effects like the really scary makeup.

IOF Would you like to be dressed up scary like a monster?

Deaver (giggles) Yeah!

IOF Well, the movie you were in was set in the 1970s, which is before you were born, before I was born even. Was that a lot of fun to experience?

Deaver Yeah! It was a lot of fun to try on different outfits and see what they wore in the ‘70s. I loved wearing the pants that go up a little high (giggles).

IOF Okay, I’ve got just one more question. Do you ever watch scary movies?

Deaver Sometimes! (giggles)

IOF Sometimes? Do they scare you?

Deaver Nope! I’m brave, they don’t scare me!"

"The Conjuring" will be released nationwide July 19th - From Warner Bros.


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