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"Paranormal Activity 5" Possibly Coming Out In January?

There are rumors floating around on the internet and people are starting to wonder if "Paranormal Activity 5" will come out this year or not. So far there has not been any major announcements, no directors revealed, or no teaser videos. Is the film mply just deeply being hidden from the public or could it be that it is stuck in a production halt?

"The tuation is even more complex now as we have two conflicting answers from different sources.

Over on The Wrap, they ran a story “from an inde source” that revealed that “Paranormal Activity 5″ was being pushed back to January 2014.

Which has suddenly become a big horror month thanks to “The Devil Inde” making a ton of money when it debuted in that month.

But why are they forgoing their annual October slot when it’s been so profitable for them?

The Wrap’s inde source said that “They really like the director, but they are second guesng themselves.”"The story gets a little stranger when you take into account a recent interview with “Paranormal Activity” producer Jason Blum.

In the interview he had this to say about the current status of the film: ”It’s not done, but it’s closer to being done than when we started,” he laughed.

”We’re on track for October, it’s mostly shot.

We’re still shooting but it’s mostly done.”

Everyone is being very quite about the franchise at this point. If and when we get any word on all of this we will for certain bring you the latest.

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