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Jason Voorhees - At Look Back At The Man Behind The Mask Throughout The Years

Something about Friday the 13th that was always intriguing is the many different looks of Jason Vorhees. His look would

change in various ways from one film to the next. I thought it would be fun to once again journey back and see the many faces of Jason throughout the years. "Friday the 13th"

We only see a quick shot of the Jason in the original Friday the 13th for the film's final scare. This one shot out of the water was a terrifying scene, especially the first time watching it.

"Friday the 13th Part 2"

This time we see Jason in a plaid shirt and living off of the elements and living in a shack. He wears a bag over his head,

(not the killer from Texas). This installment is one of my three favorites from the franchise. At the end of the movie we see Jason without the hood as he crashes through the window with long hair. Yet another terrifying moment in the Friday the 13th series.

"Friday the 13th Part 3"

This film took on the 3-D element and is also the flick where Jason sports the hockey mask for the very first time. Seeing him unmasked while hung with a noose around his neck was fun as he looked much different than he did in the previous movie. In the end Jason took an axe to the head, leaving an iconic trademark.

"Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter"

For sure not the actual final chapter, obviously many more followed. This flick is my second favorite of the franchise.

Jason's face had much more wear and tear to his mangled look in this one.

Only a few moments after his mask is knocked off of his face, the de of his head is buried deeply by his own machete. Remember the blade nking up into his head as he fell to the ground? Amazing effect! Very hard to top that. After a few more vengeful whacks with the machete, Jason finally dies. Way to go Feldman!

"Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning"

No real Jason in this one. Only a brief glimpses of Tommy seeing him within his mind. The hockey mask does come off of the copy cat killer. Many fans were very disappointed that Jason was a no show.

Part 5 will always be remembered as the one without Jason.

"Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason Lives"

This is when Jason is resurrected from the dead as an unstoppable zombie-like creature thanks to a Frankenstein style bolt of lightning to the metal pole that the angry Tommy drove into him. We get a good look at Jason's decaying face near the start of the movie. Remember closeup of the maggots? Brutal!

"Friday the 13th Part VII -The New Blood"

This film is one of my three favorites that I spoke of. Jason escapes from being

chained to the bottom of the lake thanks to Tina ung her telekinetic powers to revive the chained killer. Thus becoming an unstoppable beast and I have to mention that he has a great look. What a great unmasking scene it was. Tina caung his mask to just rip in two. Eye socket showing, torn apart jaw vible teeth showing through, more flesh decay and the one eye that bugs out. Clasc.

"Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan"

It is a shock as to how Jason goes from part 7 to this look. He takes a load of toxic waste to the face but his light greyish, melted face just doesn't doesn't compare to the previous film. Then he turns into young Jason for some reason? Maybe it was chick seeing him that way in her mind? Jason took Manhattan for a short amount of screen time.

Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday"

This was one of Jason's best looks up to date at that point but we never see him unmasked. He ends up getting blown to bits by an arsenal of weapons. He manages to use other people's bodies to do his duties. We don't get to see Jason as himself again until near the end of the flick. I remember seeing the end with Freddy's hand coming up out of the ground from Hell and grabbing the hockey mask. That seed was planted many years before the two icons would finally meet.

"Jason X"

Jason going to outer space was a very different idea for sure. Again, some fans were high on the idea while others could care less.

However, on a potive note they redeem themselves for the no show of his face in Jason Goes to Hell and we get a quick glimpse of it in this one. Here is the concept of what his face was to look like.

We cannot forget his upgraded look from the end of "Jason X"."Freddy Vs. Jason"

Finally, the two mega horror stars clash. Yet again, we don't officially get a look at Jason's face but with this behind the scenes photo (below) reveals what was going on behind the mask. Something worth making mention of is that in this film Jason seems much taller than before."Friday the 13th " (2009) Remake

One of the most realistic Jason looks which gets rid of the zombie appearance and goes back to bacs with over zed and deformed features. Setting traps, and a deving a system of trip wires and bells which could explain how he might know where to find his victims. When he removes his bag from his head and replaces it with the hockey mask we only get a quick peek at his face. The photo below is a behind the scene shot taken of what Jason's face looked like and it is very realistic indeed.
wabisabi333 Sunday 8/11/2013 at 06:37 PM | 101975
The man always looks great..although i don't like his face in the remake/'s not right. The mask in part IV and IX is my favorite..and the make up job on VII is indeed phenominal..rib cage, spine, knees..KNB had a good calling card on that one.

Jason is still my favorite character in horror cinema history..being seen as a one dimenonal stalker is not right..his character evolves in every movie...not just by his looks. And his mother should deserve another re-telling too..Love to see a bit more backstory and ckness about Mr. and Mrs. V..before Jason got conseived;-)
UberJason78 Tuesday 8/13/2013 at 11:56 AM | 101995