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Things Look To Be Heating Up As "The Mummy" Reboot Scores A New And Familiar Director??

The re-telling of stories or recreating stories based off of a previous solid tale is a hot thing going on these days in horror. "The Mummy" reboot has been in the news as of late with the word coming in that it will be a modern age retelling of an original clasc that has no ties with the Brendan Fraser films. Universal Pictures was set to go with Len Wiseman as the director but that has now fell through. Good news is here however, as they are looking to go with "Mama" director Andres Muschietti for the studio’s new vion of a clasc.

"To know that Muschietti may take on "The Mummy" is a major plus for the movie's future. This was one of the first decive moves made by Donna Langley, who was made chairman of Universal Pictures after a dramatic shake-up that saw the exit of chairman Adam Fogelson and the elevation of Jeff Shell to chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.Although the original The Mummy (1932) was set in the 1920s as were the Brendan Fraser adventure movies, the new script, by Jon Spaihts, sets the tale in the modern age."

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