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Update On Stephen King's IT & PET SEMETARY Remakes!

Pennywise is for certain one of the most recognizable clowns known the world over. Tim Curry’s performance as the evil and wicked clown in the televion adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT is arguably one of his greatest performances. Fans of the original two part movie may be a little curious with what is looking to be a much darker and true to the novel project that is shaping up.

The rumors of a remake began popping up back in 2009, before the idea went quite for a few years. Back then, David Kajganich was writing the script for a motion picture length film with a much darker aura than the original, and it was on track for an R rating.

Warner Bros. now has Cary Fukunaga on the job to both direct and co-write with Chase Palmer. Also surfacing just last year, news came in that Warner Bros. had agreed to divide the movie into two parts, making for more time to properly explore the elements, concepts and the HORROR contained in within the novel.Also, Roy Lee, Dan Smith, David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith to are slated to produce. There is no word on who will be portraying Pennywise, or news on any of the cast and crew. This project has been stuck in pre-production nce the first script was written back in 2009, so don’t let the excitement get your hopes up. Who knows where this all will go? Our eyes and ears are always open.

Also on the table is a remake of Stephen King’s PET SEMETARY. Written first by David Kajnagich, it is rumored that Paramount Pictures, who took on the movie, have switched gears and are going to go with a draft script from writer Matthew Greenberg (1408).

Many directors, among them Guillermo del Toro have wanted to direct this project once it became apparent that Paramount was seeking a director. It seems that Paramount are going to be going with French director Alexandre Aja. He has experience in directing gory remakes such as THE HILLS HAVE EYES, PIRANHA and MIRRORS.

It seems as if this film could posbly start filming sometime next year, as Aja is currently busy directing another Paramount film.

Whatever the case we will keep you updated if any more news breaks on either of these Stephen King clascs. Dont Forget! Spread The Word! On October 1st will Xenomorphs into HorrorDomain.comSource-
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