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Paranormal Activity 5 Delayed Until 2014

Right now details are a little fuzzy but it sounds like Paramount is looking to push PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5, the latest installment in its lucrative horror franchise, until next year, says TheWrap. It is still currently scheduled to open on October 25th but it is being said that Paramount has already decided to move the film to a January 6, 2014 release date — which was a successful slot for THE DEVIL INDE.

Right now there's still no reason as to why Paramount would want to delay the flick but one individual close to the studio told the te, “They really like the director, but they are second guesng themselves." The fact that Both MAMA and TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D recently opened in January with some solid numbers at the box office could have something to do with the studio swaying in that direction.

All four previous films opened in the fall, the last three in October. Along with SAW, the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise is a paragon of the microbudget horror genre, with each film in the series grosng at least $140 million at the box office while costing no more than $5 million to produce. We'll keep you guys updated on a solid release date if anything changes.

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