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Hatchet Director Adam Green's Next Film Project Is Revealed!

Adam Green is a one of a kind soul that wears many hats in the entertainment business. Whether it is writing, acting, producing or directing he always goes full steam ahead showing no signs of fear. From his HATCHET franchise to his must see series HOLLISTON he and his amazing work ethic have proven time and time again that he is the real deal.

Now Adam Green gets prepared to direct his next feature film which will fit nicely into the Horror genre. From Revolver Picture Company comes EXORCISM ON CROOKED LAKE. This will mark the fourth film from the company who brought us the Horror flick HAUNT earlier on this year. This new movie combined with Green's clever thought process sounds like a recipe for a hit. A satanic cult and some demon possession can't go wrong with Green in the director's chair.

The script is written by Stacy Chbosky, John Erick Dowdle, and Drew Dowdle.


"The story follows a middle-aged priest, a younger priest and a female medical student who head to a remote house to exorcise a young pregnant woman only to find themselves under siege from a Satanic cult looking to claim the child."

EXORCISM ON CROOKED LAKE will begin filming this fall.
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