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Wes Craven Passes Away

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There is very sad news in the world today as we have learned that Wes Craven has passed away. His passing took place Sunday at his home in Los Angeles after a battle with brain cancer. He was surrounded by his family. Craven was 76.

Wes Craven is known within the world of Horror as an icon. He is mostly recognized for creating A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and SCREAM.

Craven's first feature film was 1972's LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT which he wrote, directed and edited. He then followed with THE HILLS HAVE EYES as well as SWAMP THING.

The Horror genre saw reinvention with Craven's 1984 film A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET along with the birth of Freddy Krueger.

In 1988 Craven directed the wicked Voodoo Horror film THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW.

1996 was the year that Craven once again gave a shot of adrenaline to the Horror genre as he unveiled his hit movie SCREAM.

In between SCREAM 2 and SCREAM 3 Craven directed the non-Horror MUSIC OF THE HEART, a film in which Meryl Streep was nominated for best actress. Seeking other ways to express himself Craven also wrote the novel "The Fountain Society."

Continuing to look for new ways to utilize his artistic gifts, Craven directed 2005's psychological crime thriller RED EYE. He then followed that with the romantic comedy PARIS JE T'AIME. Wes served as producer on the remakes of THE HILLS HAVE EYES as well as THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.

Craven's most recent films were 2010's MY SOUL TO TAKE and SCREAM 4 in 2011. He was also serving as executive producer on the MTV SCREAM series which was recently renewed for a second season.

MTV stated about Craven:

“Wes Craven was a tremendous visionary whose sensibility for scares has connected with generations of MTV fans,” said MTV, “We are honored to have worked with him and proud to carry on his legacy with Scream. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.”

Craven is survived by his wife, producer and former Disney Studios VP Iya Labunka; sister Carol Buhrow; son Jonathan Craven; daughter Jessica Craven; stepdaughter Nina Tarnawksy and three grandchildren.

R.I.P. Wes Craven. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends during this very difficult time.
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