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Josh Hammond Talks Victor Salva, Jeepers Creepers 3 on Ball & Chain Show Ep. 3!

After another multi-week hiatus we have returned, and although we won’t be speaking to Scott Glosserman this week (we’ll be chatting Les Vernon with Scott as well as Ti West and the cast of The Innkeepers next week), American Girls star, and Jeepers Creepers cast member, Josh Hammond did take a lengthy break from his day to discuss his upcoming projects, the other areas of film he’s been tackling, working with Victor Salva, and even touch down on the third Jeepers Creepers film.

A look at Josh's latest flick to hit the market, The Penny Dreadful Picture Show Volume 1:

If there’s even a ngle quality you find in our show, then this episode is a must hear. Mr. Dazed and Confused and co-host, The Mistress of Oppreson, are both back on the microphones, pping loads of Grandma’s cough syrup (after 8:30 the kid's in bed, and the beasts come out to play), talking terror and giving the celebs a hard time in the process.Episode three of The Ball and Chain Show is a bit of a special show, as we extended the show from 60 minutes to 90, lengthened our interview to 35 rewarding minutes and covered our Christmas horror lineup, which of course includes Bob Clark’s Black Christmas along with a handful of other quality seasonal picks. Also on tap is our movie of the week discuson, and this week we’re covering the Straw Dogs remake and breaking down the elements we liked, and those we (quite frankly) despised.

Before we bombard you with all that wondrous insanity, we’ve of course got to cover episode three’s focal topic. We figured nce we’d be sharing some time with Josh why not cover the Jeepers Creepers films? So, get ready to hear our thoughts on both features as well as plenty of crude humor and crass language; we keep it ANTI-PC!

Note: Apologies for the interview sound quality, we're looking to make some upgrades as soon as humanly posble

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The Ball and Chain Show Episode 3

The Ball and Chain Show Episode 3

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just givin an update: iTunes link is now live

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