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Jason London Talks 'Terror Experiment' and even gets a little . . . 'Dazed and Confused'!

The Ball and Chain Show Episode 8: The Jason London Special


This week marks a special occaon, as Jason London joins hosts Dazed and Confused and The Mistress of Oppreson for a special one on one chat. The Terror Experiment serves as the point of focus, though London’s work in the now cult clasc stoner favorite (you guessed it), Dazed and Confused is definitely touched down upon. Jason offers up his thoughts on the picture’s status today and the experience of shooting the film, among a few other entertaining angles.

Followers will notice a bit of an adjustment in the formatting of this episode, as the “Movie of the Week” and “B Movie Madness” segments have been abandoned in order to place all focus on London and a few of his noteworthy genre efforts…and of course Dazed and Confused (someone is obsessed).

On the technical front, more upgrades and tweaks have been made, and the crew is happy to note some proming evolution in the overall production value of the show. Everyone is working hard to bring you the strongest product posble, and things are certainly headed in the right direction.

Enough babbling on: get ready for plenty of drunken lliness, sexually explicit exchanges, and, a great interview with the one and only Jason London! Be sure to follow the gang on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, subscribe to our iTunes and rate/comment on the show!
Matt_Molgaard Saturday 4/14/2012 at 04:12 PM | 92455