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PREDATOR Is Set For A Reboot!

Back in 1987 the world saw the release of PREDATOR. A very original and clever setting came along with it as a group of military soldiers found themselves deep within the jungle being hunted down one by one by a mysterious transparent killer alien. Now all of these years later with the boom of remakes and reboots it looks as though PREDATOR will be getting repackaged for the modern era, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox .

Shane Black (IRON MAN 3) is set to direct the currently untitled PREDATOR reboot as well as do the writing treatment for the project. Taking on the script writing duties will be Black's college buddy Fred Dekker. Back in 1987 the two teamed up to write the horror comedy THE MONSTER SQUAD, a film in which Dekker also directed. An interesting fact is that Shane Black portrayed the character Hawkins in the original PREDATOR so it seems fitting that he will be directing this new movie. Original co-producer John Davis, will once again be returning as producer.

Fred Dekker is known for writing and directing NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and ROBOCOP, while Shane Black's writing credentials include IRON MAN 3, and LETHAL WEAPON.
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