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Eli Roth's THE GREEN INFERNO Gets Some Bad News

Being trapped in the Amazon jungle, having been kidnapped by a tribe that still practices cannibalism would be a true nightmare. Eli Roth's film THE GREEN INFERNO was designed to cause pure fear. It made it's debut this past September at TIFF and it's showing caught the eye of Open Road Films, who acquired the movie for a theatrical run in September. At least that was the plan.

THE GREEN INFERNO has run into some bad news. Open Road Films original plan of a September 5th release in theaters has now turned into the film has been postponed indefinitely. Figuring out who will cover the marketing expenses is the reason behind it.

Worldview Entertainment financed the film and had originally made an agreement to pay for the advertising. Christopher Woodrow, Worldview's CEO, recently parted ways with the company and things are not looking good for Eli Roth's film. We will continue to update you on THE GREEN INFERNO as we learn more. Below is the trailer.


“How far would you go for a cause you believe in? In horror master Eli Roth’s terrifying new film, a group of college students take their humanitarian protest from New York to the Amazon jungle, only to get kidnapped by the native tribe they came to save: a tribe that still practices the ancient rite of cannibalism, and has a healthy appetite for intruders.”

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