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Bill Murray To Return In GHOSTBUSTERS 3? Check Out What Ivan Reitman Recently Had To Say!

This year marks the 30 year Anniversary of all that is GHOSTBUSTERS. There have been a lot of rumors going around as to what GHOSTBUSTERS 3 will eventually become. We have heard supposed plot details, possible actors, and a number of different bits and pieces being tossed around. We recently learned that Paul Feig, director of BRIDESMAIDS was in talks in an effort to snag the director's chair and that the third film could be lined up for a huge reboot, possible seeing a dominant female cast.

One of the wonders of this new film is will we be seeing any of the remaining original Ghostbusters making an appearance? An even better question, will Bill Murray be joining the gang?

Ivan Reitman was recently interviewed with Toronto Life in regards to the new GHOSTBUSTERS film saying:

"The studio is in, and we have writers working on it as we speak. We’re ­hoping to film at the beginning of next year. Dan Aykroyd and I meet about once a month to talk about it."

That statement is cool and all, but it sounds a lot like what we have heard before. Then Reitman tosses a statement out there about Bill Murray saying:

"He’s publicly said no, but Bill and I have done six movies together, and he never says yes until literally just before the shoot. Two TIFFs ago, we had a late dinner at Sotto Sotto, and we ate and talked until 4:30 in the morning. I told him, “I don’t care if you do ­Ghostbusters—I mean, I’d love it if you did—but why aren’t you doing leading parts for big studio films?” He said he didn’t want that responsibility. He wanted to be a character actor."

The idea of a new GHOSTBUSTERS film is a very touchy subject. Many feel that it should be left alone, but it seems that if Bill Murray were to join the cast that it would help situation majorly.

We will continue to bring you the very latest in GHOSTBUSTERS 3 news.
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