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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Gets An Official Title Plus More!

Last year those of you that were counting on a clockwork release of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 were hit with the news that the film had been pushed back until October 2014. In an effort to tie the fans over the beginning of this year saw the release of a spin off film in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES.

Back in June it was made known that Paramount made the call to push PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 back yet again until 2016. Two months later we learned that the release was changed to October of 2015. Things have now changed once again.

The fourth direct sequel, not including THE MARKED ONES, will now be released on March 13th, 2015. Part 5 will be known as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION. The date change has pushed SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES out of it's spot causing that film to be released two weeks early.

Gregory Plotkin will be directing THE GHOST DIMENSION from a script written by Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan. Plotkin worked as the editor and co-producer on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, 4, and THE MARKED ONES.

A casting call sheet from January for the new film said the following:

"Ryan, Emily, their 6-year-old daughter Leila, and Mike, Ryan’s younger brother (essentially a less fitter, less funkier version of his brother) essentially.

Ryan, 26-31, is described as a ‘big kid’, he’s a video-game designer who has relocated his family from New York to Pala Alto for a cushy gig at Rockstar Games.

Though somewhat of a hippie (she’s into organic food, loves the arts and music, won’t let her daughter eat Gluten, and sports tattoos), Wife Emily is considerably more serious than her young husband – she’s constantly on the go, does Yoga, and though loving, has an air of maturity about her. Her sister died a year before.

Their daughter Leila seems to be a mixture of both – a bit of a fearless, opinionated tomboy."

Remember PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION will be released March 13th, 2015.
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