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Changes Made For INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel!

As most of you know, the sequel to 1996's INDEPENDENCE DAY has been in the works for quite a while now. Back in May we found out that Will Smith would not be returning to reprise his role and that a script rewrite was underway. We even got a release date for the soon to be blockbuster. Now it looks as if that has changed.

The original plan for INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 was for it to see a July 3rd 2016 release and then was later pushed back for almost a year to July 1, 2016. We have now learned that the film has been moved to the date of June 24th, 2016. This is the same time that Universal's THE MUMMY reboot will be hitting theaters. Who knows if INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 will stay in this slot or if we will be seeing a blockbuster battle for that weekend?

As previously reported Fox has hired Carter Blanchard to be the one to come in to write a new draft for the sequel. With Will Smith making it known that he will not be returning for INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 this could be the reasoning behind the choice for rewrites.

Returning Director Roland Emmerich had anticipated the possibility of a sequel without Smith's involvement so two different ideas were floating around. One of them involved the return of Will Smith, the other idea had the story moving along without the returning star.

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