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Bruce Campbell Working On Script For Horror Icon Filled Movie!

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Quite some time ago Bruce Campbell mentioned an idea about using the same formula as THE EXPENDABLES only with Horror icons. This concept would see Campbell joining forces with well known Horror faces to do battle with a common enemy. His plan was for it to be a sequel to 2008's MY NAME IS BRUCE where he basically plays himself. The title for this sequel was to be BRUCE VS FRANKENSTEIN, and we have now learned that this idea still has life yet.

Campbell was recently interviewed by MovieWeb where he shared some news on his Horror icon filled movie saying:

"Yeah! Never say never. I have a script that I'm working on that would pretty much be that. It's not ready to share at this point. It's in the pipeline I guess you could say. I've always wanted to do the Expendables of Horror type movie. Because I always run into all my horror buddies at conventions. It would be fun to do a movie that pretty much has all of them in it."

This "EXPENDABLES" idea sounds like a lot of fun. Campbell has been hard at work preparing for the ASH VS EVIL DEAD television series and he was asked if he would consider being a part of the EXPENDABLES TV version that Sylvester Stallone is producing he replied:

"If I wasn't doing Ash vs Evil Dead for Starz this year, I could consider it. You know, the Expendables seems like it's fun. I haven't seen the movies, but...conceptually I like that idea. There's a lot of ways you could go with it. That's a great idea for a TV show."

We will keep you updated on Campbell's Horror icon movie idea as we hear more on it.

ASH VS EVIL DEAD will be made up of 10 half hour episodes. It will be filmed in New Zealand this spring and premiere on STARZ in late 2015.
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