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Major News Regarding BEETLEJUICE 2 Within!

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Going back to December of 2014, the reports of a BEETLEJUICE 2 have been going strong. Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were speaking highly of the idea of doing another movie together. Burton even went on to say that a sequel is "closer than ever" at one point.

There were several recent speculation reports that a sequel was confirmed but we have learned that these claims are false.

A representative of Burton's has addressed the rumors of this possible confirmation saying to the news site The Independent:

"Tim did not provide a statement to confirm Beetlejuice 2 as the movie is not in development."

This statement has been further backed up by EW as they report that "the information was based on fabricated comments from the director and BEETLEJUICE 2 is not in development at this time."

So at this point a sequel is not confirmed, but at the same time this does not necessary mean that a sequel is not out of the question. With so much support behind the possible project from some of the main names from the original, it seems that it is still very possible that we may very well one day see a BEETLEJUICE 2.

Winona Ryder, who portrayed Lydia Deetz from the BEETLEJUICE has previously also shown interest in a sequel.

We will continue to keep you updated if and when there is any fresh news on this subject.
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