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Fresh News Arrives For The Next FRIDAY THE 13TH Film!

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Another FRIDAY THE 13TH movie has been being talked about since 2009's release of the reboot. Bringing Jason Voorhees back to screens across the world is much more difficult than originally planned.

While the FRIDAY THE 13TH film is still in the works, big changes in the machine were made. Near the end of last year it was announced that director David Bruckner was no longer attached to the project and that Paramount had decided to go in a fresh direction, with a new writer in Aaron Guzikowski coming on board to get things re-going.

In a recent interview at Wondercon, FRIDAY THE 13TH producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form spoke with TooFab about the new film. When asked if the new script will stick with the idea of it being a coming of age film set in the 80's, Form replied:

"There is truth that this is period."

Fuller adds:

"And NOT found-footage.”

While this does not confirm the exact setting of the film, it does let us know that the new FRIDAY THE 13TH movie will not be continuing the storyline of the 2009 remake.

Form adds:

"We’re so lucky to have Aaron Guzikowski writing, who is a fan of the franchise. He’s come up with an amazing story and we can’t wait to make this one."

Form leaves us with this little tease:

“I can tell you I believe there will be a set visit for everybody soon.”

At this point a new director has not been announced.

We can only wait and see what may come our way as Paramount continues the resurrection process for the new FRIDAY THE 13th film. As of now the release date is set for January 13, 2017.

We will continue to bring you more on this story as it unfolds.
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