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Update On The New DAY OF THE DEAD Remake Within!

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You will recall that George A. Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD was already remade once back in 2008 by Steve Miner. Well it looks like the cult classic will once again be getting the remake treatment.

The 2004 DAWN OF THE DEAD remake had quite a bit of success and then came Miner's lackluster 2008 DAY OF THE DEAD remake that did not do so well.

We have learned that Nu Image/Millennium and Campbell Grobman Films, the companies who are behind TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, are finally moving forward with the DAY OF THE DEAD remake that has been in development since 2013.

In November of 2013, director Mark Tonderai was picked to helm the remake working from a script that he co-wrote with Lars Jacobson. It looks as though Tonderai is no longer involved in the project.

We have learned that the new DAY OF THE DEAD remake will now be directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens.

Here is the description for the new DAY OF THE DEAD remake:

"The post-apocalyptic tale follows a former medical student tormented by a dark figure from her past, who happens to be a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her."

We will continue to bring you more on the new DAY OF THE DEAD remake as it unfolds.
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