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2013 saw the release of CURSE OF CHUCKY, a film that was mostly well received. When it comes to the future of what Chucky will be up to, creator Don Mancini seems to always have the creative wheels turning.

A while back, the teases for a CHUCKY 7 film began on Twitter courtesy of Mancini, and each time not revealing too much. We do know that Jennifer Tilly is on board with the project. Fiona Dourif, who starred in CURSE OF CHUCKY, has also expressed interest in the project. Alex Vincent, star of the first two CHILD'S PLAY films is on board to make a return.

The teasing continued courtesy of Mancini when he revealed that he was working on storyboarding for the new CHUCKY film. Just last month he teased us further with an image from the set of CURSE OF CHUCKY, saying that "Chucky is finally coming home".

Mancini is at it again as he shares yet another image on Twitter, this time of the Doll Face Productions INC. production office in Winnipeg.

With the office being open it could mean one of two things. Either production is now underway or it is close to beginning. Universal refuses to comment on any details at this time.

Only time will tell as to how it all will play out. We will certainly bring you more on CHUCKY 7 as we hear it.
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