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Big News For TERMINATOR 6 Within!

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Just around one week ago, it was made known to the world that James Cameron himself, was to be gaining the rights back to the TERMINATOR franchise. His vision is to create a brand new trilogy.

With that being said, we have now learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning to his role as Terminator in TERMINATOR 6, and will also be a producer on the film.

We have also learned that the new TERMINATOR film will begin filming next May.

Schwarzenegger on his thoughts about TERMINATOR 6. :

"In March next year, I am shooting ‘Terminator 6,’ James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a ‘Conan'. "

Yeah, you read that correctly, a new CONAN will be coming in the near future.

Remember, TERMINATOR 6 will begin shooting next May.
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