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Images, Info & Poster For CHILD’S PLAY Documentary DOLLHOUSE Are Within!

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Back in 2013 the world witnessed the return of Chucky in the film CURSE OF CHUCKY. Receiving mostly positive reviews, the movie gave birth to a classic franchise thus opening up the door to many possibilities. With the sequel now moving along full steam ahead, it looks like we all will be in for a real treat by Halloween time.

The upcoming sequel, titled CULT OF CHUCKY, has been building some grand momentum within the Horror community as fans are eager to see what Chucky has in store for them next as he wreaks havoc within an asylum.

While the film is gearing up to be released soon, we can report that a CHILD’S PLAY documentary titled DOLLHOUSE is being directed by Kyra Gardner, who is the daughter of Chucky puppeteer Tony Gardner.

Krya Gardner has managed to get interviews with Don Mancini, Fiona and Brad Dourif, franchise producer David Kirschner, as well as her own father for the documentary.

DOLLHOUSE the documentary is being described as Kyra’s loving tribute to growing up in the world of the psycho killer doll.

DOLLHOUSE will precede CULT OF CHUCKY at it’s screening at this year's FrightFest. This will take place from Aug 24 – Aug 28, 2017. CULT OF CHUCKY will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on October 3rd.
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