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SHARKNADO 6 Will Be The Ending To The Franchise

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SYFY’s SHARKNADO franchise has become a staple of the summer for a lot of fans. Whether you like it or not, the series of films has made it’s mark on pop culture with it’s outlandish outlooks and cameos.

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering leads the cast as Finn, which made his debut back in 2013 with the original SHARKNADO. The fans responded and a sequel has followed every summer since. But how much longer will this last?

This summer we will be seeing SHARKNADO 6, and SYFY has announced that the film, will be the last.

SHARKNADO 5 saw Finn left on a desolate planet that was loaded with Sharknadoes.

Part 6 will see Finn traveling back in time to prevent the very first Sharknado, and in turn, saving his family and the planet.

Who knows if this really will be the last entry? Only time will tell.

SHARKNADO 6 will air on SYFY July 25th.
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