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Big News Regarding The Future Of Chucky Within!

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Just recently we learned that the original CHILD’S PLAY would be receiving the remake treatment courtesy of MGM. This was an odd announcement as co-creator Don Mancini had also made his plans known to create a CHILD’S PLAY TV series, as well as more sequels. So the question arises, will the remake halt the future of the Chucky we love and know?

Mancini recently spoke with B-D saying:

“We’re still working on the series and also plan to continue the film franchise with Universal. We intend to stay true to the universe we’ve created.”

The reason for his non-involvement with the remake was also made clear as he revealed that MGM reached out to he and David Kirschner and offered them Executive Producer credits on the film, but they declined.

So it looks as though Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky, will be standing by Mancini’s side instead of using his voice on the MGM remake, which appears to be a whole new take on the CHILD’S PLAY story.

We will continue to keep you updated on all things CHILD’S PLAY.
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